From Live to file

On-demand webinar:
From Live to file

During this session, we will present a complete set of workflows from live capture to file export using the unique internal recording capabilities inside latest generation of Sony CCUs. An endless solution from live capture to external HDD or even being pushed to the cloud handled by Sony Ci platform. We will demonstrate how the CCUs and a server will be controlled from a single and very intuitive GUI interface.

- Why a CCU with an internal recording option?
- Related products / camera systems
- Target applications & key benefits
- Differences HKCU-REC55 & HKCU-REC50
- Main workflows scenarios
- Basic installation & hand-on by Yhazmina Diaz
- How to upload files in Ci Sony Cloud by Mark Grinyer
- Q&A

Please note, you will need to register with a business email for this webinar. Gmail, yahoo or hotmail email addresses will not be accepted.