Live in freedom – Integrated live wireless systems

On-demand webinar:
Live in freedom – Integrated live wireless systems

Gisbert Hochguertel, Live Production Solution Specialist at Sony Professional, along with market leaders in wireless video transmission technology VISLINK, VIDEOSYS & WAVE Central will tell you more about how you can today produce amazing live content in HDR 4K UHD or HD Slow Motion, without changing the appearance, size or weight of your portable Sony Studio Camera (HDC3500 & HDC5000).

In this webinar you will learn:
- How you can produce live in 4K HDR and Slow Motion in a fully wireless mode.
- Who are our partners who can integrate their transmission part into our camera head which would allow you to work fully wireless without a cable.
- Hear about Live Productions that have used this technology.

Please note, you will need to register with a business email for this webinar. Gmail, yahoo or hotmail email addresses will not be accepted.