Best Practice HDR for HETV

Best Practice HDR for HETV

Thursday 10th June 2021 12:00 BST 13:00 CET

Best Practice HDR for HETV is a practical one-hour panel discussion followed by a Q&A exploring the latest streamer expectations and best practice to deliver HDR HETV from prep through on set, editorial, VFX and in post. 4K HDR is an increasingly common streamer requirement and delivers beautiful, vivid and immersive images but can be very unforgiving and requires the judicious use of technology, careful planning and workflow management working back from the deliverables. The assembled panel of experts all have extensive HETV experience and between them have an impressive HETV drama (and theatrical) credit list where they have been directly responsible for defining workflows and protocols.

The Panel
• Joshua Callis-Smith: CTO at Cinelab London
• Darren Woolfson: Director of Technology and Visual Services at Molinare
• Tom Mitchell: Technology Director at Mission
• Paul Cameron: Sony Expert, Sony Professional Europe
• Moderator: James Bennett: Managing Director at Televisual media UK

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