Discussing the future of retail

Webinar: What role will digital communication play in the future of retail?

Wednesday 20th July – 1pm BST (2pm CET)

Join our live webinar where our panel will discuss how retail is changing, what this means for the future of the in-store experience and just what role digital communications will play in this new landscape.

Leading the event will be Markus Deserno, Sony Business Development Manager, joined by Dr Ben Cope, Principal Engineer, Network & Edge Group from Intel Corporation and Xavier Carreras Sanchez,
Strategic Account Executive from Navori Labs. The panel will go into detail discussing some industry hot topics including:

• Personalisation of in-store content and experiences
• The focus on sustainability and how digital must play a part in this
• Ensuring reliability and continuity from your business-critical digital infrastructure

This will be followed by an audience Q&A with the panel answering your questions live as they come in.

Please note this event will take place in English.

Please note, you will need to register with a business email for this webinar. Gmail, yahoo or hotmail email addresses will not be accepted.